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 What about your Pets, your Plants, your Home?    

 Dogster Doolittle is here for you when you need a professional friend. 

Licensed, Insured, Bonded, Washington State L&I coverage, & Pet CPR/First Aid trained.      

 Going on six years. Thank you folks.

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This is your window into the world of Dogster Doolittle Pet & House Sitting Services.

No need to worry!

When it comes to your pet and home care needs for an hour, a day, a week, or anytime you have plans that simply cannot include your pets. I will be your eyes and ears, and your best friends best friend while you’re away.


Are you a pet sitter? Do you know a great pet sitter?

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My little helper:)

 This website is dedicated to a wonderful little girl. 

 Roxy, you filled our lives with joy.


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A very special thank you to all of the wonderful people who help those who can’t help themselves during our nation’s natural disasters. God bless you all.
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Please help

I have recently learned that our valley is losing one of its great local pet sitting services. Another service is cutting back on their hours and the services they offer. While all this is happening, our valley is growing at an incredibly fast pace.

Due to some life changes, my availability is becoming more limited than ever before. I love what I do and the people and pets that I do it for. That is why I am looking for a pet sitter who is willing and able to accept more clients. If you are or know of a trustworthy pet sitter in or around the Snoqualmie Valley, please contact me. I would love to meet with you/them in person so that I can make informed recommendations to any of my clients that I am unable to serve.

In the meantime, pet owners must realize that planning as far ahead as possible is of the utmost importance.

Thank you all,

Steve – Dogster Doolittle