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Services & Pricing

Please take note: I will never arrive at your home with company advertising on my vehicle. It is my endeavor to raise no awareness of your absence.

Pet care, and Home Services:

  • Playing, exercising, and walking your pet.
  • Fresh food and water.
  • Pet mess cleanup (as it happens).
  • Arranging for veterinarian treatment if necessary.
  • Giving medications, vitamins, or other previously prescribed oral and topical treatments.
  • Personalized love and attention, according to your special instructions.
  • Bringing in your mail, newspapers, and deliveries.
  • Take trash to the curb.
  • Water your indoor plants.
  • Basic security checks — adjusting lights, drapes, music, etc.
  • Custom convenience requests and handling other minor household tasks.

As of 09/01/2018:

I will no longer be providing daily walking service.

My morning and evening services will not be affected.


Other Pet services:

  • Pet Taxi service by appointment.
  • Hotel room pet sitting.- Many hotels allow pets. However, they do not offer any pet sitting. Call on the Dogster. If available, I will watch your pets while you’re out to dinner, skiing, hiking Mt. Si, or whatever you’re doing.
  • Dog walking service. Local (North Bend, Wilderness Rim, Riverbend, and nearby areas) only.

Rates for the above services are listed below:

In-Home Rates:

Private visits up to 30 minutes or 60 minutes (PLEASE SPECIFY PREFERRED DURATION), pet care visits at the pet owner’s home. Services include feeding, playing with and entertaining your pets, base home checking package, medication administration if applicable, and “as it happens” indoor/outdoor accident cleanup.

Visit Prices:

Due at time of service:

  • Basic up to 30-minute visit:

$25 per visit:

  • Premium extended 60-minute visit:

$45 per visit:

Please Note: The one hour visit simply provide more playing, entertainment, and loving time for your best friends. This extended service can be added to as few, or as many visits as you wish.

  • TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE – All day 7 o’clock AM – 5 o’clock PM (or anything over 4 hours): All day visits are only available on an occasional basis.

$95 – Not available on an everyday basis


  • TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE – Overnight7 o’clock PM – 7 0’clock AM:

Note: I may need to leave a couple of times for prior afternoon sitting obligations.

$95 This price includes one (1) visit midday for some play, and to go outside.

Each additional pet: $3 per visit (half hour, ninety minutes, all day, all week, anytime.)


  • Daily Home Checks w/ NO PETS:

Water plants, take in mail/newspapers, take out trash, and perform basic home security checklist. However, these services are included as part of any in-home pet visit fees listed above.

$25 per visit.

Additional in-home services upon request:

Just ask I will do my best to make it happen. Fees are negotiable for these added services.


  • Key Pick up and Return Fee:

This service is only required for customers who do not wish to provide their keys during the initial getting acquainted meeting or pick up the keys upon their return home. To avoid this fee, keys can be delivered and recovered by the pet owner, or the pet owner can become “Permanent Key client” where keys are stored in a secure location at the Dogster Doolittle home office.

$20 per occurrence


  • Errand Fees while pet sitting your pet(s) – Including, but not limited to:

Pick up any needed supplies at a local retailer. Pick up, or drop off of pet and/or pet owner.

$20 per occurrence: Up to one-half (½) hour. $25 each additional one-half (½)hour.


  • TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE – Hotel room pet sitting:

With appointment – No later than 12 o’clock AM

$50 per hour maximum of 4 hours please.

Over 4 hours – Fee charged at – $75 per hour.

Hours are rounded UP, to the next nearest hour.

Without appointment – IF AVAILABLE – No later than 12 o’clock AM

$50 per hr. – maximum of 4 hours please.

For Hotel services – CASH ONLY

(Hours are rounded UP, to the next nearest hour.)


*  Please note: Payment in full is due at time of service.


* I am able to give some medications if needed. Between $2 – $5 per visit.


*  ALL of the rates listed above are “Non-Holiday” rates. All Federal holidays are $10 (Ten USD) extra per visit.


 *  All rates are based on a 10-mile radius from home office.  Add $1.00 per mile, (fuel and maintenance) after 10 miles one way.


  *  All rates may be negotiated – Every client’s need is unique.  


I would like the Dogsters services. Now, what do I do?

Upon receiving your phone call, email, or text, we will arrange a FREE interview to perform a brief “in-

home” evaluation of your pet and property. During this initial interview, I will:

Step 1. Answer all of your questions regarding our services.

Step 2. Fill out the necessary forms and paperwork. The type of information we collect and discuss


Forms & Business Information


  • Detailed notes regarding your pet’s habits, food, favorite toys, exercise routine, veterinarian, and medical history (vaccination records).
  • A list of the locations for pet food, collars, leashes, treats, toys, cleaning supplies, etc. that we will need for the care of your pets and property.
  • Keys to your home; we prefer one set for the sitter and one set as an office backup copy. We will confirm the keys work and store them safely in our Permanent Key Safe. Keys are not labeled with any of your property information.
  • Emergency contact information, medical instructions/permission forms, and how to contact you if necessary.
  • You decide how often you want your sitter to visit each day you’re away and what services you want to be performed. Our fees will be calculated based on the type, and quantity of pets. Along with the quantity and duration of daily visits.

Step 3. Upon your review and approval, we ask that you sign the service contract which describes our policies and guidelines.

Step 4. After this meeting is completed and we have your information on file, our service is as simple as a phone call, text, or email.

I will never arrive at your home with company advertising on my vehicle.
It is my endeavor to raise no awareness of your absence. 

Email me: steve@dogsterdoolittle.com

Call or Text me: (253) 350-2622